Bitcoin Exchange Reviews

The number of Bitcoin Exchanges is rapidly increasing and now there are quite a few to choose from.

There’s a lot of details to consider though before using an exchange or service to buy coins. So, take a look at our Bitcoin Exchange overviews and user ratings before you decide which service to go for:



Based in San Franciso, Coinbase has grown to be one of the most popular US sites to buy and sell Bitcoins.

Not strictly an exchange as users buy and sell direct from the company rather than each other.

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European based Bitstamp has grown rapidly to become one of the largest of the Bitcoin Exchanges.

Efficient professional service with great customer support.

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Atlanta based CampBX is a popular and secure Bitcoin Exchange regulated by the State of Georgia Department of Banking and Finance and Department.

Trade bitcoins with other CampBX members and you can even margin trade and short sell.

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The LocalBitcoins marketplace allows buyers and sellers to trade Bitcoins locally for online payment or cash.

Simply chose a trader to deal with from the offers page and then hold your Bitcoins in your free and secure online LocalBitcoins bitcoin wallet.

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Buy and sell Bitcoins using a variety of world currencies on the marketplace.

Trade immediately at the current price or set your own and await bid / offers.

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Mt.Gox – (Shut Down as of Feb. 2014)

Mt. Gox - deceased

Like Monty Python’s parrot, Mt Gox is no more…ceased to be…expired…


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